Carving Fingerprints: Sculptures by Kevin Francis Gray

Kevin Francis Gray @ Pace Gallery: NYC

Ends 22 April 2017

Kevin Francis Gray

What it is:
Marble sculptures that look like clay.

Kevin Francis Gray closeup

Why it matters:
Because for the last few thousand years, 99% of ALL marble sculptures are copies of CLAY sculptures (or plaster.. whatever). See how it's done in this 52 second video.
So Kevin is making a really sloppy clay sculpture, then meticulously translating it to marble, exactly to scale, with the same tools and technique as in the video above.

Pro Tip:  There's a small book on the front desk, with images of the original clay sculptures in his studio - and him carving the marble versions. 

Pace Gallery: 537 W 24th St New York, NY, 10011 Link to exhibition.


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