High Tech Photography

HEAT MAPS by Richard Mosse

Jack Shainman Gallery, NYC. Ends 11 March 2017

Richard Mosse: If you look closely, you can see tents.

What it is:

Richard Mosse uses a high-tech "heat" camera to photograph military camps from many miles away, in massive photographs (the above image is over 8 feet across) with crazy levels of detail.

Robert Mosse: heat view of hands.

Why it matters:

The science on this blows my mind. Consider this: No matter how big or fancy the lens on your camera is, it can only "zoom" to a certain point because of "atmospheric interference".  For example, you know how things in the FAR distance look dull/grey, and will eventually disappear into nothing at some point?  It's because of all the air between you and it - especially under humid conditions.  Even if your camera zooms a million percent, it still CAN'T see through that air... so it's always limited in how far it can zoom.

Anyway, this camera gets around that problem by using heat rather than light (with EXTREME zoom lenses).  In other words: "clear" images from over 20 miles away, by fully ignoring "air".

Jack Shainman Gallery, 513 W 20th St, New York NY -->Link


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