Danger: High Voltage by Rita McBride

Rita McBride: Particulates

Dia: Chelsea NYC. Ends 2 June 2018

"This new commission by Rita McBride, titled Particulates (2017), is inspired by time travel, the principles of light and space, and quantum physics. " Source: Dia: Chelsea

Rita McBride:  Particulates  (2017)

Rita McBride: Particulates (2017)

What it is:
16 high voltage lasers form a vortex wormhole thing in a gritty dark room.

David Beringer of The Two Percent at Rita McBride:  Particulates  (2017).

David Beringer of The Two Percent at Rita McBride: Particulates (2017).

Why it matters:
Because the line for Yayoi Kusama is like 6 hours long.. and I'm the ONLY one in this space (above).

Rita McBride @ Dia:Chelsea, 541 W 22nd St, ends 6/2 -->Exhibition Link
NOTE:  Dia has an admission price, but THIS room does not.  Find the closed door with a "DANGER: LASER RADIATION" sign on the outside at 541 W 22nd Street... and walk in.

Read about Rita McBride:

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