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Ebb and Flow by Maya Lin

Rivers of Glass

Maya Lin @ Pace Gallery537 W 24th St, NYC.

What it is:
Overtaking EVERY wall and floor of the Pace gallery (watch your step) Maya Lin presents large maps of rivers made from thousands of glass marbles, pins stuck directly in the wall, solid silver, or just and empty space on the wall (below).

 Ebb & Flow by Maya Lin

Ebb & Flow by Maya Lin

Why it matters:
Because you realize just how arbitrary and nonsensical "boarders" are.  Maya drops hints in her titles about what/where these are (some easier than others)*. And if/when you pull a map of that river on your phone, you'll immediately recognize it by the countries and states and "boarders" that cross it.  But a river never observes boarders - it is its own beautiful shape without these dumb lines we put on a map. So go reintroduce yourselves to these things.  

There's also and undercurrent of climate change in all these, but her angle is never a fear-based lecture on the future apocalypse (which is also important) but instead to make you fall in love with water - a reason to fight for it besides ourselves.

*for example, the work above is called "Mountains of the Moon", which, when Googled, is the ancient name for the mountain range in Africa at the source of the Nile River.  And if you then look at the source of the Nile river on a map, you see Lake Victoria - which is shaped like this!  And if you THEN search for an underwater topographic map of Lake Victoria... you get THIS.  #problemsolved

 Maya Lin

Maya Lin

Pace Gallery W24th St New York Cit ends 10/7 -->Exhibition Link


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