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Man vs. Machine | Sculptures by Wim Delvoye @ Galerie Perrotin

Wim Delvoye

At Galerie Perrotin Gallery NYC. Ends 28 October 2017

What it is:
A fully hand-embossed 1950's aluminum Maserati (above), AND a "Möbius'ed" motorcycle tire (below) made entirely of stainless steel - are just a couple examples of human + machine perfection in this wide ranging (but low color) show.

"Maserati" , 2012 / Aluminium repoussé / Embossed aluminium 80 x 450 x 180 cm / 31 1/2 x 177 3/16 x 70 7/8 in Unique by Wim Delvoye

Why it matters:
Can you screw up something that's perfect by adding a little extra sparkle?  Artist Wim Delvoye has added embellishment on top of perfection... like setting diamonds INTO rubies. It also feels like a "one-upmanship" battle between super-precise new digital technology and the highest skilled artisan hands on the planet. So that's fun.
I just wrote this up for Design Milk (like, I submitted it a couple hours ago, so look for that on the site in a couple days with more images - it was a fun one to photograph).

Wim Delvoye @ Galerie Perrotin, 133 Orchard St, ends 10/28 -->Exhibition Link


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