Beautiful Painted Ladies: Linda Mason


Ends 15 January 2017

Studio Vendome, Soho NYC

Review by Frankie Jay

More than meets the eye

In this exhibition what appears as initially digital photographs is in fact a varied layered artistic process, utilizing different mediums representing a culmination of decades of Linda Mason's varied professional career. The model subject is firstly dressed and made up by Mason herself. The model is then photographed,  the result which is often digitally manipulated, and this is applied to wooden panels. Mason applies paint to the portrait, in a vivid palate that characterizes her work, and, finally, a resin is applied creating a beautiful high gloss finish. Combining these techniques, her works achieve a textural complexity, blurring the line between the photographic image and the artist’s hand. That the models are stunning to begin with only adds to the beauty of the exhibition.

Mason has a well established career, beginning in the seventies as a makeup artist in Paris on major fashion shows and photo shoots, which includes working alongside fashion industry heavy weights John Galliano and Stephen Sprouse. Seeing these artworks and also recently a screening of her beautiful short film First Base (recently featured in NYC Independent Film Festival), it is pleasing to see an artist who decades later confidently utilizes the most modern film and digital technology,  yet has never lost her eye for beauty, her love of  her craft and her skilled hand painting and makeup technique.

Studio Vendome: 330 Spring St, New York, NY, 10013


By Linda Mason