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15 Robots = 1 Human: Sculpture by Random International

On the Body by Random International

Exhibition on @ PACE Gallery, NYC. Ends 22 Oct 2016

Study for Fifteen Points /1  by Random International 2016. Study for Fifteen Points /1  by Random International 2016.

What it is:
Pay attention only to the points of light at the end of each robotic arm to see a 3D walking human figure. I made the above GIF from this video, OR you could see this thing in REAL LIFE at Pace Gallery right now.  TIP: Go soon. These artists/engineers are the same that brought you "Rain Room" at MoMA, that generated an 8+ hour line after a couple weeks.

Sculpture by Random International Sculpture by Random International

Why it matters:
Because cool new technology is generally "slow to market" - you might see a concept or prototype of something amazing on YouTube, but have to wait a few years to see anything like it in real life.  BUT art can introduce and demonstrate physical technological advances FAR faster, because there doesn't need to be a "point" or a "market", and there only needs to be one.  So take advantage & go see this.


PACE Gallery:  537 W 24th St, New York, NY 10011 --->Link