REAL BALLS: Sculpture by Lars Fisk

Mr Softee by Lars Fisk

Exhibition on at Marlborough Chelsea, NYC. Ends 15 October 2016.

What it is:
12 balls in the gallery, made from the REAL material - so the cobblestone is cobblestone, the steel is steel, and the tile is tile.  They range in size from a 1/2 inch diameter (pencil ball) to a massive 15 foot (!!!!) diameter parking lot ball.

Why it matters:
I've been at the Spring Street subway station (pictured above left) a few hundred times, but I'm going there tomorrow with no other reason than to check, appreciate, and really SEE the tile details. The other day I passed a Mr Softee Truck (he's made one of those into a ball too here).  My point is: the artist's mastery of multiple materials is awesome inside the gallery, but each sculpture ALSO makes the real world craftsmanship crazy more impressive. See it.


Marlborough Chelsea:  522 West 21st Street, New York City  --->Link


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