A Wrecking-Ball Marionette Makes Eye-Contact

by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Jordan Wolfson @ David Zwirner Gallery 525 W 19th St, ends 25 June 2016. More Images

A life-size marionette puppet is attached to computer-controlled pulleys and tossed and dropped across the expanse of the whole gallery - scuffing the figure (it's in MUCH worse shape than in the photo above now, and blackening the floor beyond reasonable repair).  AND it has facial recognition software and video eyes, so it makes eye contact with visitors as it's dragged and dropped around.

Why it matters:
Are you looking for something that your brain can't handle to jerk you out of a daydream, or routine, or expectation.... This will do it.   TIPS:  Get as close as you can to the railing (don't be scared), and don't spend your time behind a camera phone - watch it for real, AND the facial recognition doesn't work when your phone is in front of your face.

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