Hundreds of White Balloons.. and a Butt (don't worry, they're in 2 different rooms)

by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Martin Creed @ Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Ave (between 66th & 67th St), ends 7 August 2016.  Website

White balloons at Park Avenue Amory

White balloons at Park Avenue Amory

The galleries are taking the summer off [Ed. see upcoming post], so you should TOTALLY hit Martin Creed at the Park Avenue Armory right now for a show that will make you smile at every turn. There's a room PACKED with a few hundred large white balloons, a huge theater curtain in a hallway that opens and closes in a rhythm you have to match to pass, a REAL marching band that patrols the space constantly, and a dark hallway filled with short videos that range from a butt (you'll see, it's funny), to pure and profound visual poetry. 

You know how babies laugh at things, and then you get secretly envious because you miss when a funny face made you smile?  Now is your chance to see things that don't make any logical sense, and just freakin LOVE them. Forget that it's "art" (it'll just hurt your brain if you try to figure that one out), and just go love life. It feels great.

First - reserve online (just in case they sell out).  
Second - They give you a map when you enter.  I would recommend just trying to find things on your own first, THEN using the map to check yourself (half of the fun is not knowing what/where the "art" is).  Also, most of the works are "one liners" (still funny though), but I particularly loved a few of the transcending and poetic videos in the back hallway. So when you're in the main room (airplane-hanger-sized space), look for the sign to your right that says "exhibition continues" and DO THAT.

Park Avenue Amory