The Biggest Sculpture of the Year

by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Richard Serra @ Gagosian Gallery. Ends 29 July 2016. Exhibition Website

Richard Serra just installed 4 new walk-through-able sculptures between 2 galleries in Chelsea.  My current estimate for their combined weight is over 500 tons (I'm hoping he'll be interviewed soon so I can give you an exact number).  This is a photo I took a couple weeks ago as JUST ONE PIECE of the first sculpture as it was installed at Gagosian Gallery on 21st St. To get a feel for the inside, check out my friend Mark's instagram photo here (follow him & follow me).


Why it matters:
Besides being just AWESOME every single time, Serra is an anti-lesson in expected physics: the bigger and heavier things get, the more they surprise you (and often contradict some professional engineers).  This one leans so far to the left that each piece feels impossibly balanced (and therefore astonishing when it doesn't squish you).  It's a reminder that art is constantly influenced by science... and vise versa.

Gagosian Gallery 21st St , 522 W 21st St,  NYC


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