Malkovich Malkovich Malkovich

by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Sandro Miller @ Yancey Richardson Gallery,  525 W 22nd St, NYC. Ends  1 July 2016 More Images

Every photograph is John Malkovich - posing as over a dozen famous artists, actors, and iconic subjects.  The "twist" is that the photographer, Sandro Miller, researched like CRAZY for over a year on the exact technical processes of the original photographer -  often interviewing them so he could recreate everything: the SAME film, the SAME printing method... you get the idea. In EVERY conceivable way, these mimic the originals exactly... except for John Malkovich.

Why it matters:
Because it's really fun. I mean it's crazy fun.  But also I'm a huge advocate for seeing photographs in person, and though these obviously aren't the original original, they ARE physically more accurate OBJECTS than an internet reproduction of the original, in size, resolution, contrast, glossiness, which I've NEVER seen for the originals.  And so your brain combines the paper of these photographs with the memory of the original image, and BAM! It's like a deconstructed clam chowder.  If that's too much to think about: just go for Malkovich, it will make you smile.


Editor's note: the photos are part of a 20 year collaboration between the artist Sandro Miller and John Malkovich, documented in the Malkovich Sessions