Directors Meet Their Movies

by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Mike Leavitt @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery  NYC, ends 11 June 2016. More Images

16 famous movie directors are frankenstein'ed with their iconic movie characters - each stands over a foot tall, carved from a single block of wood & hand painted.  For example: James Cameron has the body of a Na'vi (Avatar), with the skeleton of a T800 (Terminator), resting on an Alien pillow (Alien), wearing the Heard of the Ocean necklace (Titanic).

Why it matters:
Ok besides being awesome - These sculptures fly in the face of every "serious art" red flag in the book: containing humor, high technical craftsmanship, and respect for hollywood. And STILL knock it out of the park.  You may disagree with current contemporary art trends OR dislike the idea of StarWars or Edward Scissorhands (here) in your art walk.  Either way, it's a reminder that "rebellion" isn't breaking the rules to hang with the cool kids - it's doing what you want... and nailing it. #respect #seethis

Jonathan LeVine Galley: 529 W 20th St, Chelsea NYC