The HEAVIEST Sculpture of the Year

by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Richard Serra Gagosian Gallery 24th St, ends 29 July 2016.. Exhibition Website

MORE Richard Serra sculptures are at Gagosian Gallery on 24th Street where you'll find 3 rooms of HUGE heavier flat steel plates.  Pictured above (courtesy of fomofeed... follow them here) is a forest of 16 plates.  There's another room of bigger slabs that form a tight hallway, and a room (take 3 left turns when you enter) of equally huge "drawings".   My favorite though, is a small room with a single massive slab (30 feet by 9 feet by 16 inches thick, of SOLID STEEL) that rests flat on the floor.

Why it matters:
Because things are REALLY heavy all the time and you don't even know it.  Usually sculptors try to disguise the weight of a marble or bronze or whatever... but not this.  That one big slab that just lays flat on the floor is... amazing.  Without touching it (don't touch it please), you can FEEL how heavy it is in your gut.  Go there.

Richard Serra Gagosian Gallery 24th St,  555 W 24th St