by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Tim Hawkinson @ Pace Gallery,  537 W 24th St, NYC Ends 23 April. More Images

The medicine cabinet above is a functioning world clock... and it's insane.   The pink lotion bottle up top is NYC time: The cap rotates to mark the hour and the "drip" marks the minute (so the photo above was taken at 6:20).  For the deodorant, an armpit hair marks the hour in Moscow!!! Or for the green soap pump, the nozzle marks the minute and the FREAKING BUBBLE inside the soap marks hour as it rotates.. and so on.  In another work, a machine perfectly recreates the artist's signature using a record player and a popcorn machine (see my Instagram video).

TIP: Don't miss my favorite sculpture about 15 feet up the wall: an air hose made entirely out of precisely cut egg shells.

Why it matters:
Tim Hawkinson rockets me back to that time and feeling when cardboard-box forts were amazing.  Seeing this is like opening a secret door... it's that magic of reading the Lion/Witch/Wardrobe for the first time (or Harry Potter for those slightly younger than me).. but like it's real.  Lemonade is possible - EVEN if you don't have lemons.