A Movie... That's Behind You.

by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Stan Douglas' The Secret Agent @ David Zwirner Gallery,  519 W 19th St, NYC. Ends April 30 2016

A 6-screen movie about a spy - the plot is pretty complex (I hardly get it), but the visuals are poetry between the cameras is incredible.  Cameras are often filming simultaneously from different perspectives or places, and it's set up so that you can only comfortably see 3 of the screens at the same time.  You therefore must pick which part of the movie you want to see, and which you will only hear (or hurt your neck trying to see it all)

Why it matters:
Because life isn't the single viewpoint that we typically see in "films".  It's a bit frustrating to miss parts of the film that are behind you, but incredible to choose your perspective and see multiple views at once.  It's also crazy beautiful (even if you don't care/understand the plot).


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