Highlight from the New York art shows (during Armory Arts Week)

by David Behringer of the Two Percent*

#1 SPRING/BREAK Art Show ($15) directions/hours

It's less WTF than previous years, but with smarter curation and some great gems in secret corners. By FAR the best fair of the bunch.

Skylight at Moynihan Station (Pennsylvania Station, 421 8th Ave NYC). Until March 7.

The Best: "Watching Machine" by Graham Caldwell @ booth4014: It's a huge awesome mirror thing. No explanation necessary. 

Wish List: Layered Slides by Ian Trask (seriously he crammed multiple slides into a viewer and it's awesome).

Location of SPRING/BREAK Art Show


The rest of the David's review of the Armory Arts Week and Springbreak Art Show can be found here.


* 98% of art is boring. Welcome to The Two Percent.