Mark Dion: Birds

by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Mark Dion @ Tanya Bonakdar Gallery,  521 West 21st St NYC, ends 16 April More Images

You are invited to enter a caged "library" that contains 22 real, living, chirping, and pooping birds with dozens of books for them to read - on topics including navigation, predators, and more.

Why it matters:
The primary "statement" (as best as I can tell) is that the birds have ZERO interest in the books... that are designed for humans to analyze and understand them: our endless and extreme attempt at knowledge that the birds could care less about.

But the #1 thing that blew my mind about this show:  It's called "Library for the Birds of New York", and yet I have never seen ANY of these birds in New York ever... until AFTER I saw this show (like shoes you're thinking about buying, then you notice them everywhere).  Now I'm seeing these beautiful species constantly in the city.  I love pigeons, but now the city is full of so much more.