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Underwater Wood Lakes by Maya Lin

by David Behringer of the Two Percent*

"Of a Different Nature" featuring Maya Lin @ Jack Shainman Gallery,  513 West 20th NYC, ends 12 March. Exhibition Website

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Working with a map company, Maya Lin [editor's note, May Lin at age 21 design first came to fame as the designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C.] obtained underwater topographic information of famous lakes, exaggerated the depths, then had these lakes laser-cut and placed on pedestals so they look like they're balancing!!  Read more and check all the cool photos on Design Milk.

Why it matters:
I just watched this cool video on "how deep the oceans are", but with Maya's work, you really feel how much of our planet is underwater (71%!!!)  As the world keeps feeling smaller through technology, it's cool to be reminded just how much more there is than we can see.  Maya is huge on conservation: "What we don't see, we pollute"  - Maya Lin

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* 98% of art is boring. Welcome to The Two Percent. 

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