People Bodies. Animal Heads. Alessandro Gallo

FOR SOME REASON by Alessandro Gallo

Ends 17 December 2016

Alessandro Gallo,  Whatever  (2016)

Alessandro Gallo, Whatever (2016)

What it is:

Two-foot tall hand-sculpted ceramic sculptures of people with animal heads - Lizards, Rams, Crickets, Birds and more... usually on their phones, but there's also a cricket surfing the net for porn, and a Monkey without pants so fair warning if you bring kids.

Alessandro Gallo, Follow (2016)

Alessandro Gallo, Follow (2016)

Why it matters:
We see ourselves in animals more than other people:  A dog dying in a movie is always worse (Has anyone seen "I Am Legend'? I thought that was supposed to be a zombie movie, not the SADDEST THING EVER).

Anyway, like it or not, you'll see yourself, or that dude on the train, clearer than in a mirror.

Alessandro Gallo -  I don't want to grow up  (2016)

Alessandro Gallo - I don't want to grow up (2016)

Alessandro Gallo @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery 529 W 20, 9th Fl, ends 12/17 -->Link to more images.


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