A Lot of Obama

Rob Pruitt @ Gavin Brown's enterprise NYC

End 18 December 2016


What it is:

The Art of Rob Pruitt

The Art of Rob Pruitt

In addition to doing his regular art stuff, artist Rob Pruitt has painted a picture of Obama EVERY DAY since inauguration.. that's 2876 paintings to date (I used this website to figure that out).  The below photos is only half of one of multiple hallways in this gallery.

Why it matters:
Yes it makes you nostalgic of what is about to pass, but also it's a CRAZY amount of work: for both painter and President... like every day.  You will leave inspired, proud, and ready to get back to work... every day.

Rob Pruitt @ GBE  291 Grand St, Third Floor, New York, NY 10002 . -->Link


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