Stress Reliever #2: Ring My Bell by Mark di Suvero

Metal and Music: Mark di Suvero

Paula Cooper Gallery, NYC. Ends 10 December 2016

Mark di Suvero,  Szymborska , 2013-16, steel, 124 x 271 x 100 in. (315 x 688.3 x 254 cm)

Mark di Suvero, Szymborska, 2013-16, steel, 124 x 271 x 100 in. (315 x 688.3 x 254 cm)

What it is:
Huge metal sculptures from this do-it-yourself master of balance - Seriously, he's 83 years old, AND on crutches for the last 56 years, AND makes all of this stuff himself.  The SECRET of the show are 2 hidden hammers.  Find them resting on the inside of the huge black "A" form. And YES you are encouraged to use them, but ONLY hit/touch that rounded piece that hangs from the "A" form (it works like a bell).

Steel sculpture by Mark di Suvero.

Steel sculpture by Mark di Suvero.

Why it matters:
You can hit a sculpture and it makes a sound.  C'mon.
He's also the nicest person ever.  Check this short interview video to see him at work (note that he is doing this all himself) in his outdoor "studio".

Mark di Suvero @ Paula Cooper Gallery,  534 W 21st St, ends 12/10. -->Link


P.S. Same advice as the fabric maze show - don't abuse the privilege of the hammer (only hit the "bell" near the hammer) or they'll remove it for everyone.

Editor's note: Mark di Suvero's work can also be found in Des Moines. Check out the MFP previous feature on the Pappajohn Sculpture Park

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