Stress Reliever #1: Warm fuzzy tunnels by Ernesto Neto

The Serpent's Energy Gave Birth to Humanity by ERNESTO NETO

At the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, NYC. Ends 16th December 2016.

Entrance to The Serpent’s Energy Gave Birth To Humanity by artist Ernesto Neto.

Entrance to The Serpent’s Energy Gave Birth To Humanity by artist Ernesto Neto.

What it is:
A tight hallway made from colorful fabric nets that you can walk inside. It's a bit confusing to know what you can (or can not) touch, so here's a quick break down:

  • Yes, walk inside.
  • Yes, play the guitar & drums.
  • Yes, wear the scarves!! (on the right wall)
  • Yes, stick your hand in the creepy hole upstairs (nothing scary or gross)
  • DO NOT: touch anything ELSE on the walls(besides the scarves & the hole upstairs)
  • DO NOT pull, yank, or climb anything attached to the ceiling - it won't support the stress.
  • DO NOT play Stairway to Heaven on the guitar (seriously some guy was doing that on my 2nd visit)

Why it matters:
It's great if you're a kid*, and it's great if you're a hippy.
Also great if you're neither of those two things, but want to feel how dang happy it feels to BE one of those two things for 5 minutes.  It's just constant giggles in here.

*Yes kids are welcome, but FYI:  kids were banned from his previous exhibition soon after it opened due to concern of unsupervised damage/injury.  This one is less prone to either of those things, but please be cool and respectful so they keep this open (I'm talking to you too, drunk adults).

Ernesto Neto @ Tanya Bonakdar Gallery 521 W 21st St, New York City, 10011  --->More Images


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