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Cutting Paint Samples

by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Thomas Allen @ FOLEY Gallery, 59 Orchard St, ends 1/31. Exhibition Website

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NT549 (BLOWFISH), 2015 NT549 (BLOWFISH), 2015

Now in the Lower East Side: Thomas Allen perfectly cuts holes in paint samples, (yes the "black" is just an empty window that shows the black background behind the paper), then photographs the results to scale, often including the "trimmings" in the shot.  Each image pairs with the name of the color, from the silly to the profound:  An image of Trump appears on "Blowfish" Orange, and a detailed image of the burning Twin Towers is carved into "Clear Blue Sky", where even the cuttings resemble bent re-bar (here).  A range of emotions, a magical show to see in person.