Impossible Photographs of Cathedrals

Facades by Markus Brunetti @ Yossi Milo Gallery, 245 10th Ave, NYC. Exhibition website. Ends 17 October, 2015.

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Minuscule ornamentation that would otherwise be overlooked or inaccessible, become vividly clear in 10 foot tall photos. By artist Markus Brunetti now at Yossi Milo Gallery.

I love art that can't be captured in photographs, and therefore rarely recommend exhibitions of photographs (obviously).  But this is a MAJOR exception.

Check out these 10-foot tall HYPER-RESOLUTION images of cathedrals throughout Europe that took weeks (sometimes years) to capture individually.  To create them, artist Markus Brunetti took countless photographs of the buildings from up close, then digitally stitched them together to present a viewpoint that is both 100% accurate, and impossible to achieve in person.   They're boring online, and AMAZING in person.

Address: Yossi Milo Gallery - 245 10th Ave, NYC 10001