Recommendations: week of 13 April through 17 April

Pots & Pans

Seven Billion Light Years by Subodh Gupta

Subodh Gupta @ Hauser & Wirth Gallery (511 W 18th St) ends 4/25 Exhibition Website

This epic show from India's most famous contemporary artist closes in 2 weeks!  Find 50+ water faucets pouring over hundreds of used pots, then walk on a floor made from dirt and cow dung.  After visiting a few dozen times, my favorite piece remains a simple arrangement of mangos that are actually hand-painted bronze sculptures that look unbelievably real, and yet remain eternally ripe.


This car weighs 13 tons!

Charles Ray

Charles Ray @ Matthew Marks Gallery (523 W 24th St) ends 4/18 Exhibition Website

Get closer.  This isn't a real car.  Charles Ray spent 6 years machine-carving a solid block of stainless steal into an unbelievable sculpture of a truck that has been compacted into a rectangular block. The more details you examine, the more beautiful and strange it becomes.   


Working with Spiders

Thomás Saraceno @ Tanya Bonakdar Gallery (521 W 21st St) ends 5/2 Exhibition Website

To create these other-worldly web sculptures, Thomás Saraceno introduced different spiders to a box over time, rotating or flipping that box with every new addition. The result is a vast variety and combination of webs that are often oriented "incorrectly" to make them feel even more bizarre.  And yes there are a couple live spiders in this show, so please keep your distance (for their safety). 

The Full Recommendation List:


Open Tuesdays-Saturdays 10am-6pm unless otherwise noted

James Siena @ Pace Gallery, 508 W 25th, thru 4/25. Tiny sculptures made from grapes & toothpicks are enlarged with a 3D scanner & printer.

Charles Ray @ Matthew Marks Gallery, 523 W 24th St, thru 4/18 final week. This hyper-realistic sculpture of a crushed truck was carved from 1 block of solid stainless steel.

Thomás Saraceno @ Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, 521 W 21st St, thru 5/2. A crazy variety of webs are built by spiders into amazing works of art. View both floors.

In The Studio @ Gagosian Gallery, 522 W 21st St, thru 4/18 final week. Spanning over 400 years, this museum quality collection of paintings all depict the "artist's studio".

Subodh Gupta @ Hauser & Wirth Gallery, 511 W 18th St, thru 4/25. An epic show that includes hundreds of pots, a floor made from cow dung, and thousands of tongs.

Open Wednesdays-Sundays 12pm-6pm unless otherwise noted

Cordy Ryman @ Zurcher Studio (33 Bleecker St) through 5/5. A pattern of 2x4s covers the walls.  Florescent paint on only one side creates a glow between the stripes.

Glen Baldridge @ Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery (54 Ludlow St) through 4/26. An "off road" show with color shifting diamond plate & "animal selfies".

Sam Jinks @ Marc Straus Gallery (299 Grand St) ends 5/3. SUPER realistic sculptures of people (upstairs).  Don't touch!

"Teeth Gnash Tennessee" @ Invisible Exports Gallery (89 Eldridge St) ends 4/26. They "rotate" his show EVERY DAY, adding 1 new work every day, while removing another.

Hans-Christian Lotz @ David Lewis Gallery (88 Eldridge St Fl 5) thru 4/17 final week. Sliding glass doors open on the wall like you just entered a mall.

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