Recommendations: week of March 23, 2015


This Car Weighs 13 Tons!

Charles Ray @ Matthew Marks Gallery (523 W 24th St) ends 4/18 Exhibition Website

Get closer.  This isn't a real car.  Charles Ray spent 6 years machine-carving a solid block of stainless steal into an unbelievable sculpture of a truck that has been compacted into a rectangular block.  The more details you examine, the more beautiful and strange it becomes.   


A Subway Platform in Slow Motion

Adam Magyar @ Julie Saul Gallery (535 W 22nd St- Fl 6) thru 4/4 Exhibition Website

This is brilliant:  Adam Magyar focuses a super high-speed camera out the window of a moving Subway car!  Each second literally becomes a full minute as people are (nearly) frozen in time.   Check out the short, beautiful Instagram video, but visit in person to see these full size (wall to wall) and up to 25-minutes long each!  

Cutting Newspapers

Yuken Teruya @ Josée Bienvenu Gallery (529 W 20th St) ends 4/11 Exhibition Website

Artist Yuken Teruya uses an X-Acto knife to cut and fold old newspapers and high-end shopping bags into sprouts, trees, and the night sky.  With a steady hand, a mind for puzzles (nothing is ever cut entirely from its source material), and an eye for EXACT detail, the small creations pack a magical punch. 


Open Tuesdays-Saturdays 10am-6pm unless otherwise noted

Noriyuki Haraguchi @ Fergus McCaffrey Gallery, 514 W 26th St, thru 2/21 - A pool of black oil perfectly reflects the room above (2nd floor)

Erwin Olaf @ Hasted Kraeutler Gallery, 537 W 24th St, thru 2/28 - Edward Hopper meets Mad Men in these beautiful photographs of people waiting.

Susan Philipsz @ Tanya Bonakdar Gallery, 521 W 21st St, thru 2/14 - A 12-speaker surround sound installation breaks up a solo violin.

Carl Andre, Dan Flavin, Sol LeWitt @ Paula Cooper, 521 W 21st St, thru 2/28 - Masters of minimalism join forces in an empty room, LeWitt's "10,000 lines on the wall" is a stand out

Diana Thater @ David Zwirner Gallery, 533 W 19th St, thru 2/21 - Dung beetles navigate using the stars.  Seriously.  This video installation was inspired by it.


Open Wednesdays-Sundays 12pm-6pm unless otherwise noted

KATSU @ The Hole, 312 Bowery, through 2/22 - Walk on a rubber floor to see paintings done by "drone" (and an indoor cloud)

Gianna Commito @ Rachel Uffner Gallery, 170 Suffolk St (upstairs), thru 2/22 - Colorful beautiful smart paintings. These geometric abstractions seem to bend space.

Amalia Ulman @ James Fuentes Gallery, 55 Delancey St, thru 2/8 - Wire sculptures that barely stand up in a room that smells like Apple Strudel (in a bad way)

Steven Pippin @ GBE, 291 Grand St, Fl 3, thru 2/22 (only open Fri-Sun 12-6) - The Pencil is Back!!! (not an illusion - just a robot that can balance better than you).

Brendan Lynch @ UNTITLED, 30 Orchard St, thru 2/22 - Take off your shows to enter a surreal living room that pays homage to Bob Ross.