For the Birds

by David Behringer of the Two Percent

Björn Braun @ Boesky East,  20 Clinton St, ends 12/20.  Exhibition Website

Björn Braun presents egg cartons made out of 100% bird nests (that he boiled to a pulp).. and then put the shells he found back where they belong! Don't worry, the nests were long abandoned and no animals were harmed.  He loves them so much that he even invited neighborhood birds to the show!  He has replaced a chunk of the exterior wall will birdseed bricks to feed neighborhood critters and (if they're hungry enough) allow them to break into the gallery at will.

Hanging on the walls are silvery "paintings", which are actually solid chunks of aluminum that are cast from thrift-shop paintings.  The real paintings were destroyed in the creation of these copies, but you can still see every brush stroke captured in metal!