The Two Percent's recommendations: week of 7 Dec. 2014

Marina Abramovic @ Sean Kelly Gallery (475 10th Ave - at 36th St) thru 6 Dec 2014  Exhibition Website

Marina Abramovic's "blindfolded" show is closing this Saturday!  Love it or hate it, it's one of those "only in New York" experiences that you simply can not miss.  Here is my "how to" guide from a previous newsletter.


Kader Attia @ Lehman Maupin Gallery (201 Chrystie St), thru 12/14 Exhibition Website

In the Lower East Side, a forest of doors have been sawed in half and "sandwich-boarded", most holding silent megaphones (this is just the balcony view).  

The Full Recommendation List (Dec 1):

Open Tuesdays-Saturdays 10am-6pm unless otherwise noted.

Marina Abramovic @ Sean Kelly Gallery You will be blindfolded before you enter an empty room.  Thrilling bliss. 475 Tenth Ave (at 36th St), thru 12/6

Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe @ Marlborough Gallery. A surreal multi-room adventure (just walk straight when you enter the gallery.... yes you can). 
 545 W 25th St, thru 12/20

Frank Stella @ Marianne Boesky GalleryNew sculptures (and a couple old ones) by the ever-evolving modern master.
509 W 24th St, thru 12/20

Takashi Murakami @ Gagosian Gallery,  A 56-ton "Sanmon" (sacred gate) and a 82-foot long painting are just the beginning.
555 W 24th St, thru 1/17

Picasso @ Gagosian GalleryHUNDREDS of Picasso's in an room designed by a broadway set designer.  522 W 21st St, thru 1/3.

Open Wednesdays-Sundays 12pm-6pm unless otherwise noted

Early Man @ The Hole,  Walk through the black curtain in the back of the gallery to find a bizarre cave. 312 Bowery, through 12/28.

Kader Attia @ Lehmann Maupin Gallery
Doors stand in protest with silent megaphones. 201 Chrystie St, through 12/14

Matt Hoyt @ Bureau Gallery, Simple small beautiful abstract objects.  Put your iPhone down and enjoy some peace. 178 Norfolk St, thru 12/21

Michelle Lopez @ Simon Preston Gallery, Hear it a giant flag above the gallery.. that doesn't actually exist. 301 Broome St, through 12/21

Steven Pippin @ Gavin Brown Enterprise, A single pencil, balanced on it's point.  No tricks - just a machine that's much faster than you. 291 Grand St, thru 12/25 (open Friday-Sunday only)