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Bulk Business Express upload service

Business Express Service - bulk listing


Run a chain business (e.g. a retail or fast food), or have many locations (e.g. hotel groups or real estate group) that you manage & visit? Why not consider having all your locations listed in the free MFP mobile app? Make it easy for you and your clients to follow your places on-the-go & and have the accurate contact details.

Instead of entering these locations yourself, buy My Fave Places (MFP's) bulk Business Express Service. Enjoy the convenience of MFP taking care of loading up to 100 listings under your business name in the free MFP mobile iPhone app. So you can have all your locations listed at once. For only USD$49.

When it's ready, we'll hand over the account to you.

Things to note:

  • Apple iPhones only.
  • Price is inclusive of up to 100 properties (referred to as listings). If you have additional listings, contact MFP here for pricing.
  • The MFP app is available to users and lists locations globally, however the bulk upload service is initially only available to US customers only to purchase.
  • Before payment is submitted, you will be asked for the profile name (e.g. your business name) your list will be linked to in the app.

Further information and specs are available in Additional Info.

Let's get started.

Additional Info + Add to Cart

Additional Info

Manage properties, hotels, franchises or interact with other businesses, but lack a simple way for you or your customers to be able to view these on a single mobile app screen?

For only USD$49, My Fave Places (MFP) can save you the hassle by setting up an account for your business and bulk upload your property or businesses listings (up to 100 listings), into the MFP mobile app. Saving you & your business valuable time. When it's ready, we'll hand over the account to you. Once you're set up, we can feature your business on www.MyFavePlaces.com

Hotel Chambord
Example for a blogger profile. Hands not included

Example for a blogger profile. Hands not included :)

For your followers & clients, there is no charge to use MFP app. All they have to do, is download the free MFP app from the App Store and follow your business. They will be able to see all your listings in the palm of their hands. Customers can use the MFP app for their personal use as well. Maps & directions are included.

MFP will confirm details with you and will provide a link to the payment page. Payments are processed securely with either option of credit card or debit card payments through Stripe (PayPal coming soon). Upon confirmation of payment, we will contact you to set up your account with the following details you supply to us:

  • an image (jpg, gif format) to use for your business profile, city/town location, a short profile bio (140 characters), company URL and;
  • listings of name of business and address listings (up to 100) you would like MFP to save with under business profile. Option to add short notes. These listings can be supplied in a spreadsheet or a Word document.
Example layout to send to My Fave Places.

Example layout to send to My Fave Places.


  • Price is inclusive of up to 100 properties (referred to as listings). If you have additional listings, contact MFP here for pricing.
  • Price is in USD and payment is currently available to US registered businesses only. Please note, it is fine to add offshore listings under a US domiciled business. If you are based outside of the USA and wish to purchase bulk listing service, please complete the feedback form.
  • The names, address, website and operating hours will be displayed. Refer to images above for layout.
  • In the Notes section of your Profile and Listing, you can add and update any additional information or offers you would like to publish - at any time.
  • Businesses you send to MFP must be currently listed in Google Places or Google Maps. MFP links Google as the data source for place listings. If a place is not listed with Google, we will be unable to add it to the MFP app.
  • It is not possible to manually update address and images on the Places details screen. This content is automatically sourced via your business listing in Google. This includes the image displayed in the listing banner.  To update information such as opening times, please log into your Google Business account to make changes and these will reflect in MFP.
  • MFP is presently only available on Apple iPhones. Android versions will be available in future. Do not purchase this service if you are an Android or other smartphone device user. You can register your interest for the future Android version here.
  • You use of the service will comply with Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of My Fave Places.

Questions? Contact us here.