5 Places You Have to Visit in Portugal 2018 (and aren't in Lisbon or Algarve)

Guest post by MFP Contributor: Isa - @isatraveller

Video produced with thanks to: Summary Channel

1. Guimarães Castle

Start your visit in the north of Portugal, you really have to visit the Guimarães castle. They say that this castle is the birthplace of Portugal. It is more than ten centuries old (can you believe this?) and it’s one of the most beautiful Castles in Portugal because is very well preserved.

2. Bom Jesus in Braga

Next you have to go to Braga to visit Bom Jesus (good Jesus in English). The sanctuary was built in the 18th century. It´s surrounded by an enormous tree park and has the most ancient funicular in the world. It´s possible to go on a ride and you only pay two euros for that!!! Can you imagine?!

3. Porto historic center

The third place I recommend to visit in Portugal is the historic center of Porto (the second biggest city). It’s designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO because of its unique identity (it’s from XIV century!) of a medieval era.

It has plenty antique monuments to visit but the main one it’s the S.Bento Train Station. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

Oh and if you like Port wine, you are in the right place to drink it!  :)

4. Canals of Aveiro

Continuing your visit to Portugal, enjoy an authentic part of this country by taking a round trip through the canals of Aveiro city. You can travel by gondola (that´s why Aveiro is called the Portuguese Venice) or by a normal boat.


Taste a wonderful 'barrica de ovos moles' (traditional sweet), while enjoying a ride on the moliceiro (that´s what they call the boats that seems like a gondola) through the canals!

5. Coimbra University

Next you don’t want to miss a visit to one of the most antiques universities of the world (it’s from the year of 1290!!!) and it’s also Humanity’s Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. It’s Coimbra University and it’s located in the city with the same name.

You will love so much History and the amazing architecture of the buildings.


Isatraveller at Braga, Portugal. Follow Isa on Instagram.