Relax at the Alpine Hotel Nathiagali, Pakistan | My Fave Places

A Serene Retreat Overlooking Densely Wooded Mountains

Eat, sleep or just put your feet up and watch the sunset over the stunning pine mountains at the Alpine Hotel, Pakistan.

Miranjali Grill restaurant at Alpine Hotel Pakistan

Imagine chilling while looking out across this stunning 🌲🌲 view. Well you can at the Alpine Hotel Nathiagali.  Friendly, relaxed recently constructed accommodation, you can choose to stay at the hotel or if with a large groups or family, choose one of the vacation homes.  Stroll amongst the pretty landscaped gardens and and you have the Ayubia National Park right at your feet to explore.

Hungry? Satisfy your rumbling stomach at their Miranjani Grill restaurant and watch the sun set behind the wooded pine mountains of Nathiagali. 

View over Nathiagali pine forest.

Thanks to MFP user @xiphz for the great photos.


Alpine Hotel Nathiagali, Pakistan

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