London is open for business late on Friday and Saturday nights. Party time!

We just love that LondON is now really on. Welcome to the new 24 hour Night Tube, safe & late nights out and back. #24hourtube #weekends #theatres  # latenights #party

While some cities seem to be going back into the dark ages (hello Sydney?!) with government ham-fisted approaches to forcibly close down people's access to nightlife, London's transport authorities have finally made the leap forward by making it possible to get the Underground home on a Friday and Saturday night.

Remember those last minute tube dashes, only to find the dreaded chain across the station gates leaving you with the prospect of intermittent buses, expensive taxis or surging Uber prices. Currently operating on the Central and Victoria lines, it's an important step in supporting the London's vibrant night economy for thousands of locals and tourist and all part of making a city even more livable, affordable, safe and fun. Now get out there.

More details from Transport for London here.