Mother's Day Recovery

By Frankie Jay


No not really. After probably (albeit lovingly) being forced fed high-tea scones and sandwiches, you need some you time. So with a fleeting reference to the film 'Bad Moms' being released soon, but really telling it in the spirit of what a lot of mothers and their children would actually like (or need) after the official Mothers Day on Sunday May 8, here's a list of bars you can;

  • have a drink with (or without) your mother;

  • raise a toast to your mother who can't be there in person; or

  • for mothers who want to organize their gal pals for their own Bad Moms night out on May, 9, 10, 11, 12... or whenever you damn well feel like it.


  • Skybar at the Mondrian, Los Angeles has a Rosé All Day festival coming up. Hint hint.

  • SPiN New York, Susan Sarandon (a seriously cool bad ass mom herself) is the owner of this ping pong club with a full bar. Girls get your paddles and game on!

  • Bennelong Bar, Sydney. Skip the concert and sit & sip in one of the most glamorous locations in the world, because you've deserved it.

  • Ping Pong 129 Ginoteria, Hong Kong. I'm messing with your heads a little here. Unlike SPiN, this is a former table tennis hall. Now a cool bar that specializes in Spanish gin.

  • Dukes Bar, London. The famed spot said to have inspired the most memorable martini line of all - 'shaken, not stirred'. Play your own secret agent for the night.