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Ever get asked to recommend your favorite places?  We do all the time! Can you remember them all? Exactly. We’re based in New York City Here there are a lot of great places but it’s trouble remembering them all

Let MFP do this for you, so you have fun time to discover more places.


  1. Mobile app: "Let MFP be your A-Z of your favorite places."

Save and organize all your favorite places in one free mobile app. Restaurants, gyms, kids places, entertainment, spas and more. It doesn't come pre-filled with places or people you've never heard of. You only save what you want; and connect with whom you want to connect to. We don't connect you with strangers

You can read curated articles through the app, and can share your finds with anyone, all while giving you more control over access and privacy. 

Think of it as your little black book of favorite things. This is the app you've been waiting for. No gimmicks – simple, clean and easy to use.

2. Online features: 

We know you’re busy, so we publish the best places and cool events for you to discover and try. Sourced and vetted by our expert contributors. Life is short, so we won't recommend places or events that aren't up to scratch. 

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What are your fave places?

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