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“Radio City, you all ready to have a good night?” Meghan Trainor asks at the top of her sold-out show at New York City’s famed venue in a recent performance. “All my ladies scream one time!” Then, a deafening roar of adolescents overpowers the 22-year-old pop star on stage — a banshee wail that was as loud as an AC/DC or My Bloody Valentine concert.

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Since the release of her breakout “girl power” anthem “All About That Bass” in 2014 and scoring a Grammy for Best New Artist in 2016, Trainor has shown herself to be one of pop’s most likable and seemingly down-to-earth stars. She’s accrued a devoted fan base of young female fans who love and adore her. Sure, she doesn’t have the gravitas of Beyoncé or Adele. But the professional songwriter-turned-recording artist does have bona fide chops. Meghan Trainor got her start writing for the likes of Hunter Hayes, Rascal Flatts, and other Nashville artists. It takes a special brand of artist to score two sold-out nights at a famous venue like Radio City.

At her recent concert in Radio City, the venue was filled with overwhelmed, ecstatic children and teens accompanied by moms or dads. So it’s no surprise Trainor delivers a wholesome, G-rated event. Early on in her performance, she thanked her mother, Kelly, for her support and for serving as a loyal wardrobe-aide throughout the trek, before launching into a peppy rendition of “Mom.” Immediately following, Trainor said, “I can’t do a mom song without doing a dad song.” So when she performedDance Like Yo Daddy,” she also invited her father, Gary, on stage to shimmy and shake. The rest of the evening was peppered with praise for her record company (“My Epic Records family — I hope I make you proud!”) as well as her friends and loved ones.

Production-wise, Trainor’s Untouchable Tour looks like the most opulent cruise ship revue show you’ve ever seen. It’s flawlessly executed and rooted in Vaudeville styles that are accessible and fun. She’s backed by a smartly-dressed band, who ably performed her tunes, while she and her dancers glide across the stage with capable choreography. Trainor makes sure her performance is engaging as possible using a medium that matters most to her fans: social media.

A giant screen broadcast home movies and photos the whole night as if her own Snapchat was on a big screen. The best moments of her performance comes when Trainor’s impressive vocals alone are in full bloom. Gorgeous renditions of “Hopeless Romantic” and “Just a Friend to You” proved you don’t always need a flashy production to turn out a great show. 

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