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Man vs. Machine | Sculptures by Wim Delvoye @ Galerie Perrotin

Modernist artist Wim Delvoyes seemingly punishes a 1950's Maserati into a beautiful sculpture with hand embossed design.

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Photography: Day to Night by Stephen Wilkes

Imagine sitting in 1 spot and taking around 2,000 snaps over a full day (15-30 hours) WITHOUT ever moving the camera. That's what photographer Stephen Wilkes did and the results are magical.

Contemporary Art, Art, Galleries, Chelsea, The Two Percent

Ebb and Flow by Maya Lin

In her latest NYC exhibition, Maya Lin presents large maps of rivers made from thousands of glass marbles, pins stuck directly in the wall, solid silver and more.

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Welcome to Carmel, Indiana: A Midwest Art-ropolis outside Indianapolis

Cool, cult or kitsch?  Whether you love it or not so much, it cannot be denied that since a formerly quiet U.S. Midwestern town adopted this art into its downtown precinct, it's created a lively buzz.